Who we are

We are a company that leverages technology to improve dogs’ life. We have created an App that can understand dogs’ emotions through their barks and, based on the collected barks, suggest the appropriate enrichment activities.

Our vision

To help dogs’ parents to take care and integrate their dogs in our society, in the right way.

Operative team


Mihail decided to open this company to celebrate Agata, a beautiful Collie, his best friend.


Ivan decided to join this company and teach enrichment to Lillo, his best friend.


Alessio decided to open this company to celebrate Sally, the most stubborn Cavalier King.


Alessia loves dogs more than anything! She decided to open this company to celebrate JackGeppo (Geppaw’s executive president!), her best friend.

Jack (Geppo) – Executive President

After long years of research (of sticks and treats) in the scientific field, he graduated in Enrichology Science and is currently researching kibbles on the Moon.