Cognitive Canine Enrichment – All the Secrets for Your Dog’s Mental Health

Is your pup often stuck at home? We have the perfect solutions!

Source: Photo by Blue Bird

Even the Smartest Dog Needs Exercise

Dogs are well known to be one of the most brilliant and brightest animal species we may interact with within our beautiful world. When it comes to working intelligence, there are of course some dog breeds that stand out from the others! German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Shetland Sheepdog, Doberman Pinscher, Rottweiler, Pembroke Welsh Corgi, and many more. Our “little” big boy up there, Milo, is for sure a bright pup, but because of the global pandemic is regularly stuck indoors. Hannah fears that his faithful dog may be bored, leading to deleterious behavior. She tried to find some activities that may help Milo spend time at home while exercising his mental and physical health, and thanks to Cognitive Canine Enrichment it wasn’t difficult at all!

Our Pups Desire Hobbies too

Just as we do, our pups need a wide variety of activities to juice up their life. Cognitive Enrichment exercises are perfect to prevent boredom (especially for the smartest dog breeds), and thanks to our simple suggestions, enriching your best friend’s life will be easier than you may think. Many toys are designed to improve your dog’s cognitive function while having fun with him, but not just toys!

  • Balance Disc: a bit of balance work is the right thing to do. Try to give a treat to your dog, but only if he puts his front legs on the balance disc! Thanks to this amazing wobble cushion you’re going to activate his stabilizing muscles while keeping him cognitively engaged.
  • Hide-and-Seek: why not doing some “scent workout” in your house? Everything you require is just empty boxes and some kibbles! Place the containers on the floor and just put his dry food inside one of them. Then, it’s up to him finding the hidden treasure!
  • Tether Tug: do you have a backyard, even a small one? Tether Tug is an outdoor plaything with a thick pole, that you have to dig down into the ground, and several tug toys that can be attached to its tip! The perfect ally that will help your dog expend excess energy.
  • Balloons: if you have some extra balloons left over from some holidays, then don’t throw them away. Maybe it’s time to teach your good boy playing indoor volleyball!
  • Puzzle games: perfect to decrease boredom and anxiety while increasing problem-solving skills. Maybe we need them too…

Keep Your Dog Intellectually Operative With Us

Mental stimulation is as important for your pup as it is for us! Cognitive Enrichment is fundamental to keep your dog healthy and sprightly while teaching him how to handle stress (even if it sounds strange) and building psychological resilience. Thanks to those simple but amazing activities up there, Hannah is now sure that her Milo won’t be spiritless anymore, but if you think that your dog needs more, then check out our app Geppaw! Explore a new universe thought just for you and your faithful friend!