Enrichment Training – How to Help Your Trembling Dog

What to do if your dog is shaking – Discover it with us!

Source: Photo Ron Lach

Common Causes of Shivering in Dogs

You’re for sure worried when your pup begins to tremble, but very often it is not as serious as you may think! Dogs typically shake for various reasons, such as cold, excitement, seeking attention, anxiety, and fear. Of course, we always suggest visiting his vet, just to be sure it isn’t something related to his tummy or other little diseases, but, in most cases, it’s only stress. Tough emotions can be the cause of his trembling, especially if this happens in certain specific circumstances (like during storms, when there are loud noises in the house, or when there are guests). It’s not uncommon for pups to suffer from anxiety, in particular when their “comfort zone” is altered. Sharon, an English teacher of our community, is the owner of a 5-year-old Welsh Corgi Pembroke, Leopold, and he isn’t for sure one of the bravest dogs in the city. He tends to be super protective and every time something different from the usual daily routine happens in his life, he starts trembling for a long time. Again, the specific treatment will depend on the particular cause of your dog shivering, but there are many enrichment activities that are going to help him!

How to Handle Your Pup’s Stress

Enrichment exercises can be used to help your little friend calm his anxiety, and thanks to many social, mental, and physical training, your four-legged boy will learn how to approach new situations. Here is a list of different activities that you can propose to your furry pup to comfort him avoiding future trembling:

  • Playground: it’s really important to give your doggo a “job” to keep him psychologically busy. Agility courses and dog parks provide amazing opportunities and benefits, while contribute to build your pup self-confidence! With simple research on Google, you will for sure find dog training areas near your home.
  • Puzzles games: yeah, we already talked about puzzles! Toys that will keep your dog mentally engaged are perfect to prevent anxiety. Games that encourage your best friend to figure out how to gain his precious food are always one of the best solutions. But remember, if that’s his first time interacting with a puzzle toy, choose something not so difficult!
  • Invite a friend of his over: play with other dogs can help him to be more sociable, especially if he’s usually shy. We suggest inviting just one dog per time, so your boy won’t feel mentally overcharged.
  • Massages: have you ever heard about the Tellington touch? It is a “cuddle method” based on circular movements of your fingers over the whole body of your pup. This technique is used to stimulate your pup’s relaxation centers in his brain, helping him reduce excessive stress and anxiety.

Shivering Can be Easily Treat

It can be really challenging to understand exactly what makes your dog anxious, and, for this reason, we of the Geppaw team recommend you talk with your trustful veterinarian to identify the type of anxiety your dog suffers from. There are of course many training strategies you can adapt to treat your pup’s anxiety, such as the ones we explained in the previous paragraph. Now, Sharon feels more relieved, because thanks to those simple enrichment activities his lovely Leopold acts in a lesser protective way, and he almost doesn’t tremble anymore. Thunders, well, this is still a little obstacle, but no one can be perfect, not even our furry best friends!