Dog Enrichment is essential

It helps to avoid dog unwanted behavior, such as separation anxietybeing aggressive, scared, destruction, excessive barkinglaziness, or hyperactivity.

Enrichment encourages animals’ natural behaviors providing different experiences for their senses.

It’s essential to provide both mental and physical stimulation keeping your dog entertained and engaged.


Dogs are social animals: Fulfills their needs to interact with others. This includes time with people, dogs and possibly other species.

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Give your dog an opportunity to demonstrate their talent, and you’re likely to be blown away by their decision-making and problem-solving skills.

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Lazy dogs are not happy! It is not just about exercise. Interaction with toys is an effective way to physically enrich your dog’s world.

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Dogs have a strong sense of smell that we frequently overlook. Going on runs and walks are not just about exercise; dogs get to see and smell new things.

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Dogs naturally forage for food. Consider hiding treats and having your dog hunt and search, whether inside or outside. This allows to express natural feeding behaviors.

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That’s what our users say about us

I had read about enrichment in a Geppaw post on social but I didn’t really know where to start, so I tried this App that made us discover so many enrichments and a lot of them are really no cost because they can be done with things found at home, our dog has so much fun and we are happy to see him like this!
Emily S.
My puppy has separation anxiety and barks when we leave him at home to go to grocery shopping, instead since I use the enrichements suggested by Geppaw he spends his time playing and when he gets tired he goes to rest. Whenever we come back, we always find him relaxed and happy!
Theresa J.