Canine Food Enrichment – Mealtime? A Great Opportunity!

Dogs love to eat, so why not provide them some mental stimulation in the meanwhile?

Source: Photo by Mart Production

Eating May Become Boring

Our dog can rapidly get disinterested in their daily routine, especially talking about food! Even though all our furry friends love walkies, open spaces, and chasing the postman, we forget that there is also another important thing in their life: mental stimulation. As we already said in past articles, dogs are smart animals, and for this reason, insufficient cognitive stimulation can end up in bad behavior, such as barking, growling, and excessive anxiety. Susy, a 27-year-old member of our Geppaw-community, fears that her faithful Dixie is getting bored with eating in the same bowl every morning and night. Much like human beings, our pups like to change their day-to-day activities, and Canine Food Enrichment is for sure the perfect solution to keep Dixie mentally engaged even when she eats her favorite meals.

Feeding Enrichment Options

Utilizing daily mealtime as a fundamental part of your four-legged friend’s enrichment will provide mental satisfaction even for the brightest dogs. Usually, when we feed our little friends (sometimes not so little), the feeding experience lasts for just a few minutes. So why not add extra time with some healthy stimulation for their brain?

  • Maze food bowls: those amazing bowls offer cognitive stimulation by helping satisfy your dog’s instinct to “forage” for their delicious food. Thanks to them, your furry friends will also reduce the speed of their feeding!
  • Kong: these rubber dog toys have an empty cavity that allows you to stuff in all types of treats for your pup. This incredible toy can occupy your dog for several hours trying to remove his food from the Kong itself.
  • Three cups: who doesn’t know this tricky game? Just line up three cups and place a treat under one of them. It’s up to your dog to discover where is his precious biscuit following its sense of smell.
  • Snuffle mat: thanks to this tool, providing brain-stimulation is a breeze. Scatter just two or three kibbles all over the snuffle mat and let your dog doing the tough work!
  • Plastic empty bottle: easy as it sounds. Just put some treats inside the open bottle: It will take him a long time to bring them out!

Improving Your Dog Mental State is Vital

One of the most important aspects to take care of our dog is providing him something purposeful and challenging to do! Our lovely pups need to live active lives, and with Canine Enrichment that is always possible. Improving your dog’s mental state through a wide series of activities is our main goal; those up there are just some of our favorite ideas, but many others will be posted soon! Dixie now always seems curious to know which engaging activity Susy will propose to her during mealtime, and for sure she’s not bored anymore! (but probably, 😀 she still likes chasing the postman!).