Sluggish Dogs? – Discover the Ideal Activities for Them

Lazy pups may be a challenge, but not with us!

Source: Photo by Freestocks

Why is my Faithful Friend so Drowsy?

Such as humans, dogs may be or become lazy and sleepy, like our friendly Donut up there. Pug, Bulldog, Basset Hound, Chow Chow, Havanese, Shih Tzu, Saint Bernard, and Pekingese are some of the most laid-back breeds that love snoring, relaxing, and enjoying life. But indubitably, even the laziest pup requires attention such as daily walks, playtime, and, of course, cuddles! As we said, there are many dog breeds that are predisposed to act in a “tired way”, but also many other furry friends may become lazy because of their age or just because they have no other options (like during post-surgery or as a result of some disease). Donut has always been a sleepy dog, and his owner, Marcus, is worried about his pug’s mental and physical health. He tried many activities but nothing seemed to be successful, till he finally found a wide variety of Dog Enrichment exercises!

The Proper Solution is Easier Than you Think

It may seem a paradox, but sluggish dogs are for sure not easy to handle! Keeping your lovely friend mentally and bodily stimulated is essential for his life, but it may require a lot of patience and training. Thanks to many interactive activities (studied especially for the laziest one) you will be able to provide the wellness your dog needs:

  • Hol-EE roller: this rubber ball is designed to be easy to play with, and it’s going to become your best helper! Anyhow, do you want to know what is even better? A treat inside a Hol-EE, inside an even bigger Hol-EE ball! This will keep your dog entertained for ages. 
  • Dog stroller: is your dog so lazy that doesn’t want to go outside? Well, dog stroller may be the right solution for you. The olfactory system is directly connected to the dopaminergic reward system of the brain, so it’s really important to let your pup sniff all around and breathe some fresh air.  
  • Small treats inside rolled washcloths: easy to prepare, this simple activity can be practiced anywhere.
  • Old boxes: do you know what dogs love the most (even the sleepiest one)? Messing up everything they can! So, let your faithful friend destroy a good old box wherever he wants to!

The Core for a Healthy Dog

Canine enrichment activity is a fundamental tool that improves the health, vitality, and happiness of our loyal dogs. All the members of our team are aware of its importance, and for this reason, we daily post new exercises in our app, Geppaw, that are going to help your dog live a longer and delighted life. Thanks to the many activities discovered by Marcus, his Donut now is more dynamic and energetic, but for sure he still continues to love a peaceful nap under a cozy Sun.