Destructive Chewing – Enriching Ideas to Help your Dog

Does your pup chew everything that is near his muzzle? Discover how to handle it!

Why Dogs Chew?

Inappropriate behavior, such as chewing, is a common problem in dogs, especially young ones: puppies love to explore the world that surrounds them with their mouth. They like to chew everything that happens to be “at their nose”, but there is a reason! Chewing helps them calm down when they need to unleash their excessive amount of energy, but it’s also a way to explore new environments, such as babies usually do. It may seem incoherent, but our faithful friends start chewing also because they’re bored, so it’s fundamental to understand why they act in that particular way. That beautiful lady with those incredible eyes up there is Maddie, and know what, chewing Loren’s pillows, shoes and socks is her favorite ‘sport’ (if it was a real sport, it would probably be a gold medal)! Don’t worry, Loren, we’re here to save your slippers and help your little girl!

How to Correct Your Pup’s Behavior

Chewing is surely a fun activity for your dog, but when he starts destroying items and messing up the whole house, it can become a problem. Considering that your dog loves chewing so much, chew-toys may be a solution, but there are other activities and suggestions that can help you redirect your pup’s attention to something else.

  • Utilize dog-cameras: first, to understand why your dog loves this activity so bad, you should spy on him! Seems intriguing, uh? Feel like a secret agent and purchase a pet camera that can be easily found on Amazon or other online platforms! Usually, they’re also really affordable.
  • Physical exercises: as long as your dog chews to decrease his excessive energy, you should propose to him daily activities! Which kind of activities? Well, checking out our past articles you will find many exercises that are going to keep your faithful friend busy for some time.
  • Hide-and-seek toys: we’ve talked so many times about puzzle games, but there are some of them that are specifically thought to be chewed! These particular toys are made of plush materials that can be bitten and removed to find delicious kibbles inside!
  • Chewing treats: shoes and socks are delicious for our dogs, that’s true, but chewing treats are even better! They’re absolutely a great solution, but remember not to exaggerate!

Don’t Punish Your Dog

Of course, you need to encourage appropriate chewing while discouraging inappropriate ones, but punishing your doggo is the worst solution you can find! It’s fundamental to not show your furry friend the “damage” he did, while, on the other hand, you should reward him when he chews the right things! Thanks to those simple but efficient suggestions, Maddie seems a totally different dog! Teaching her how to properly behave wasn’t easy, but thanks to Loren’s patience and dedication, picking up pillow pieces all over the floor is just a bad dream now!

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