Disobedient Dog? – Enriching Activities to Deal With It

Train a stubborn pup may seem difficult, but not with us!

Source: Photo by Pixabay

How to Properly Train Your Dog

We know what you’re thinking: “my dog has such terrible behavior”, but what if it’s not just our pup’s fault? That’s true, many dog breeds surely necessitate more training compared to others, but, sometimes, their disobedience can be a result of our poor communication as owners. Hey, don’t be sad, that’s pretty normal! No one teaches us how to properly train our dogs, and that’s why we’re here! Disobedience can be caused by plenty of reasons, such as insufficient training, inadequate nutrition, low mental stimulation, and weak leadership. We’re talking about little headaches that can be easily solved, but to do it you need to be patient and determined. Chubby, that beautiful English Bulldog up there, is the best friend Katy could ask for, but probably not the best listener. Disobeying seems Chubby’s favorite activity (actually, also sleeping and eating), but with the right amount of enriching exercises, he can definitely improve!

Enriching Activities For Disobedient Pups

It has to be super clear that the key to modifying your four-legged friend’s bad behavior is to provide him with all the necessary exercise to boost his psychological and physical health. At the beginning, it may seem difficult to change his attitude, but we can assure you that thanks to our suggestions, your big boy will gain many benefits.

  • Improve the bonding: probably you’re already the center of your dog’s universe, but you should continue working on this magic relationship. Boosting your bond, your dog will surely be more inclined towards you and your “commands”. How to improve it? Just spend as much time as possible together!
  • Read to your dog: yeah, we know, it may sound odd, but reading to your pup is one of the best activities to deal with stress and anxiety while spending time with your chubby boy. Don’t you believe that? Well, then you should try!
  • Paddling pool: swimming and playing with water is a great enriching exercise to improve your furry friend’s physical and mental health! This stress-relieving activity will become your pup’s powerful ally, especially during summer.
  • Training games: as we said before, there are many reasons for disobedience, but very often is due to poor “education”. There are a wide variety of training activities that you can propose to your doggo, and if you want to know some of them, you should download our app, Geppaw!

Disobedience Can Be Treated

When our four-legged friends don’t want to obey, this can be very stressful, but it’s not a good reason to surrender! All our dogs can be trained, no one excluded; you have just to propose them the right enriching exercises. Thanks to these simple activities and suggestions up there, Chubby is now more willing to listen to Katy, but when he just wants to enjoy a cozy sleep, well, no one can disturb him (as we always like to say, dogs are not so different from us)!