Dog Enrichment – The Benefits You Have to Know

Improve your dog’s life with daily easy-to-do activities

Source: Photo by Ismael Jim

The Key For a Happy Dog

Does your loyal dog bark the whole day? Did you try everything but nothing seems to solve the problem? Sophia has the same exact issue you’re having right now. She’s a baker, and she needs to wake up every morning at 2 a.m. to prepare crunchy and delicious bread. Unfortunately, Jack, her little pinscher, doesn’t seem to be collaborative. Her puppy continues barking all day long, morning and night. Pinschers are known to be very anxious and noisy, but there are many other dog breeds that are similar to them: german shepherd, border collie, basset hounds, labrador retriever, and more. So, how to solve this uncomfortable situation? Dog enrichment represents the core to all of that.

Simple Activities to Prevent Bored Barking

Our little best friends are smart, social, and dynamic animals, and that’s why it’s really essential to provide them with suitable activities to exercise their minds and bodies. Here is where dog enrichment opportunities join in preventing bored barking and stress with many activities that can improve the mental and physical health of your dog:

  • Lickymats: those silicone sheets with raised textured pattern make harder for a dog to eat his exquisite food allowing him to spend more time trying to do it. They are also helpful to improve his oral health stimulating his tongue.
  • Scatter feeding: as simple as it sounds! Just scatter your dog’s food over the floor – this will help making his meal last longer and will also improve his sense of smell.
  • 30 minutes morning and evening walks: those are perfect opportunities to sniff natural flavors and interact with people and other dogs.
  • Dig place: digging is a natural canine behavior, so why waste this opportunity to let them play? Digging areas are essentials and they’re also easy to make on your own, but you can also buy them on Amazon!

Dogs and Humans, Are They Similar?

Dogs respond to stress in a lot of ways that are usually reflected in their behavior such as posture, barking, repetitive spinning, aggressiveness, and so on (at the end, seems that they’re not so different from us talking about stress). The purpose of dog enrichment is to cut down their mental pressure allowing them to have a sense of control over their surroundings. To understand the best and correct enrichment activities that can help our little friends, we have to look at their behaviors, such as Sophia did! Those listed points up there are just a few of the activities that helped Sophia with her Jack, and many others can be found on our app Geppaw! Thanks to those exercises Jack doesn’t bark anymore (or at least just when he needs to), he’s more calm, serene, and leaving him a few hours alone is not a problem now!

Providing enrichment for your puppies is one of the most important aspects of pet care and it would be a shame to waste the amazing benefits that those simple activities are going to grant. Enriching your dog’s life is easy, and with us, you will find out!