How to Handle Aggressive Dogs – Canine Enrichment Ideas

Why my pup behaves so threateningly? Let’s discover it together!

Source: Photo by Erik Izsóf

Does Your Dog Bark, Growl, or Bite Frequently?

Canine aggressiveness may be shown in many ways, but it’s usually manifested as growling and barking. There are for sure a lot of dog breeds that are inclined to bellicose behavior, as we already said in past articles, but almost any of our little friends can become aggressive, especially under specific circumstances. It is known that dog’s frustration and anxiety commonly come from a lack of canine mental and physical exercise that may help them reduce stress and fear. Our furry friends, when under-stimulated, are prone to behavioral problems, including, of course, digging, escaping, and, in the worst situation, biting. Dan, a 31-year-old freelance journalist, has lived with his Pepper for four years, and, as you can see from the photo up there, he isn’t for sure the mildest dog of the neighborhood. So, Dan asked for our help, and, for this reason, we prepared a list of some easy-to-do dog-enrichment activities thought for his Pepper!

The Proper Activities for Your Best Friend

Growing aggressive dogs isn’t easy at all, but with dedication and a lot of training, everything is possible! Our pups are animals spontaneously curious and love to dive into new adventures taking new routes during their walking, meeting new friends, and playing with different types of toys. Just like us, our dogs can get tired and depressed due to lack of physical and brain stimulation, so let’s provide them the right amount of exercise:

  • DIY agility course: old pillows, cardboard boxes, Styrofoam parts and many other things can be recycled and utilized to build the perfect indoor obstacle course for your lovely dog. Being creative is the key!
  • Play fetch: it may sound effortless to do, but many dogs are not so predisposed to it. Teach your dog how to play fetch using all kinds of toys and objects, and remember to change often places like yards, rooms, parks, beaches and so on.
  • Run with your pup: that’s for sure an easy-to-do activity! Have your faithful boy chase you, then, you chase him. An amazing exercise to improve his physical health (and maybe also yours).
  • Take a walk with friends: dogs are social animals, and many of them enjoy meeting and hanging out with their four-legged friends. So, don’t waste the opportunity to take them on micro-party to meet old and new “fellas”.

Decrease Excessive Amount of Energy

As you can see, canine enrichment is essential not only because it provides a wide difference of healthy benefits to your doggo, but also because it’s going to increase the incredible bond between you and your friend. Providing suitable activities for your pet doesn’t require a lot of money, but for sure you have to be full of patience and, foremost, love. Those basic activities in our bulleted list may sound too much “classic” in an odd way, but we can assure you that positive results are granted. Thanks to these exercises Pepper seems more prone to temperate behavior, he tends to bark and growl lesser, and biting is just a bad dream now. You’re welcome, Dan!