How to Handle High Energy Dogs – Enriching Activities

If living with a high-energy pup seems tough, then you should read this article!

Source: Photo by Helena Lopes

Your “Hyper” Pup Needs Your Attention

Many dog breeds just love being lazy while living their life full of food and cuddles, but that’s not always the case. Other pups need proper exercise to release their high amount of energy that can lead to destructive behavior if not properly handled. Just like us, our faithful friends have their own traits and needs that have to be satisfied. Living with a high-energy dog isn’t surely an easy job, and without enriching activities he can easily get bored, leading to behavioral problems. Restlessness isn’t uncommon, especially talking about pups, and if you want to help your little doggo “turn off”, first you have to be sure to give him the right amount of enriching exercises. That super fluffy Shih-Tzu up there is Mila, and, well, probably just looking at the picture you’ve already understood which kind of dog she is. Sophia, her owner, would like to enjoy a cozy afternoon with her little four-legged girl, but “cozy” is not written in Mila’s canine dictionary. Worry not Sophia, we have the solution!  

How to Calm Your Furry Friend

If sitting on the couch while relaxing seems no more possible because of your hyper dog, then he probably doesn’t receive all the proper exercises to “discharge” himself. Lucky you, there are tons of mental and physical enriching activities that can help your little friend spend time while reducing his daily energy. Here there are some of them:

  • Play fetch: well, if they love running so much, why not leave them doing it? Fetch will help your dog release his energy in no time! Sometimes, people suggest playing fetch even indoors if there are stairs in your house, but we believe that yards and parks are surely safer!
  • Treadmill: you probably won’t believe it, but there are treadmills specifically designed for dogs! If outdoor walking isn’t enough, indoor treadmills can be super helpful. Of course, we’re talking about an expensive investment, but if your pup extremely needs to unleash his energy, you should consider buying it.
  • Tug of War: this game is a great way to let your doggo expel some energy. Knotted rope toys are perfect to play tug games, but also silicone toys can be a good idea. Tug of War is an amazing activity that will help you bond with your pup while providing him mental and physical enrichment!

Give Your Dog a Job

As we always say, giving your faithful friend a “job” is fundamental to grant him a happy and healthy life. Enriching activities and exercises are essential for each kind of dog breed, so don’t forget to provide the right amount of physical and mental stimulation! If these suggestions up there are not enough for your “hyper” pup, then you should consider finding your dog a new sport to practice. Yep, you heard right, there are many “sports” that can be really helpful. However, just thanks to these simple suggestions, Mila seems more relaxed, and now, watching Netflix or reading a book without barks in the background has become possible! Enjoy it, Sophia!

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