How to Look Properly After Your Puppy – Enriching Activities

Bringing a new pup home may be a challenge, but nothing is impossible!

Source: Photo by Pixabay

Start off on the Right Paw

Adopting a puppy and hosting him in your home may be exciting, but it’s also an adventure that must be lived starting in the right way! Bringing your new best friend inside your four walls will completely transform your life. Joy, love, friendship: your puppy will brighten your world, but he also requires attention! As babies, our little furry friends are biologically curious to explore what surrounds them, and, for this reason, enriching exercises can help them grow and understand their universe in the best way you (and your puppies) could ask for! That incredibly cute four-legged boy up there is Puck. Smelling all around and enjoying cuddles are his favorite activities, but Ethan, his owner, would like to increase his puppy’s mental and physical stimulation from the very beginning. Starting off on the right foot can only bring benefits to Puck’s future!

Canine Enrichment Activities for Your Puppies

Of course, puppies can’t be treated as “adult” dogs; that’s why there are enrichment exercises that are suggested for young ages while others are not. First, remember to create a protected environment where your little friend can enjoy some intriguing activities in the safest way possible! Here there are a few exercises you can propose to your puppy:

  • Snuffle Mat: this simple enriching toy is the perfect ally to engage your dog’s sense of smell. As we already said in past articles, a snuffle mat is just a rubber mat with many fabric strips where you can hide delicious kibbles! Easy to use and clean, you should consider purchasing it for your little friend.
  • Dog puzzle dispenser: on Amazon or other websites, you can find amazing dog feeder toys. These tools usually come with a remote control connected to a dispenser. Of course, you’ll need to teach your puppy pressing the button to gain his precious biscuits! But remember to keep remote control and dispenser not too close, so your furry friend will practice some physical exercise reaching his food.
  • Flirt pole: perfect both indoors and outdoors, the flirt pole will keep your doggo entertained for a long time! Suggested for any size, it’s a perfect training tool to provide physical enrichment to your faithful puppy while having fun with him. 

Your Dog will Thank You Later

As kids, our four-legged doggies need to be stimulated from the very beginning! Enrichment exercises are helpful for any pups, but many particular breeds also need additional activities to live their life as healthy as possible. If you’re not sure what enriching field is more appropriate for your dog, our Geppaw team is here for that! Now, Ethan knows that his little Puck will grow with all the physical and mental stimulation he needs, but talking about sniffing all around and taking cuddles, well, these still remain Puck’s favorite moments!

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