How to Stop Your Dog From Digging – Enrichment Activities

If your pup is literally destroying your yard, maybe it’s better if you read this article!

Source: Photo by Sebastian Coman

It’s Digging Time!

Hey, do you know what time is it? Yep, you’re right, it’s digging time! Well, probably this is what those two little boys up there are thinking right now. If your yard looks like a trench, perhaps your dog has some behavior issues! Digging is surely a source of joy for our four-legged friends, but probably not so joyful for us, especially when we have to call the gardener. Dogs dig for many reasons, but when they usually do that, it’s a sign they’re looking for attention, comfort, and entertainment. It is clear that digging is an instinctive canine behavior (specifically for some dog breeds), but there are many canine enrichment activities that can help your doggo unleash his excessive adrenaline. If there is one thing Moose and Rusty in the photo love to do, it’s digging, of course. William, their owner, wants all the best for his dogs, but his yard is becoming a mini-war zone with craters all over it, so, he asked for our help! Wanted to know how to handle this behavior? Dog enrichment activities are the solution!

Save-Yard Activities

As we said, digging is a very common problem behavior in dogs, and sometimes may be a challenge to prevent it. However, the best solution is to provide them alternative activities to have some fun while reducing their amount of energy.

  • Sandbox: if you can’t beat them, join them! Maybe you should consider creating or buying a space where your little boys can dig all the way down through the sand. But remember to spend some time training them to do it there, and not in your precious yard! 
  • Leave some toys in the yard: rope toys, plushies, tennis balls, empty plastic bottles, whatever it is! It’s important to often alternate those toys to keep things interesting for your pups.
  • Play with bubbles: well, it may sound strange, but we can assure you that this trick works! Usually, dogs start digging because they have too much energy to handle, so lets them reduce it while chasing and bursting soap bubbles!
  • Make a home-made obstacle course: thanks to many tutorials that can be easily found on YouTube videos, creating your own DIY agility course is going to be super easy! Through your new obstacle course, you will be able to provide to your dogs the right amount of physical exercise, while filling the space in the garden to prevent future diggings. 

Punishing Your Dog is NOT the Solution

Knowing why your pup is digging is the first essential step to understanding how to handle his behavior. Only after you’ve detected the possible reason for his actions, you should consider what to do. But remember: don’t ever punish your best friend for digging. He’s just seeking attention, so that’s the worst thing you could do. Of course, if you already tried all possible solutions, we of the Geppaw team suggest visiting a dog behaviorist for additional recommendations. However, in most cases, you don’t need to! Moose and Rusty, thanks to those simple but efficient activities, now understand that they can dig whenever they want to, but only in that specific area that William built for them. As the quote says: “happy owner, happy dogs”, but maybe, in this case, we should also add “happy yard”!