How To Treat Itchy Dog – Canine Enriching Activities

Why is my pup so itchy? Let’s discover possible causes and their solutions!  

Source: Photo by Rachel Claire

Why is My Dog Scratching So Bad?

First, let’s say that compulsive scratching is not so uncommon in dogs, but it’s surely a bad habit that can become harmful. There are a wide variety of reasons why your four-legged friend is so itchy. It may be due to allergies (for example, to food), dry skin, little wounds that cause pain, and parasitic bites. That’s all true, but one of its main reasons is stress or boredom. Yep, our best friends are not so different from us, as we’ve already seen from past articles (you read them, right?). Biting our nails is probably our favorite activity when we feel anxious, but talking about dogs, well, they have scratching! Many pups nervously scratch themselves to deal with excessive boredom, just like our little friend Cooper in the photo up there. Gabriel, Cooper’s owner, wants the best for his furry boy, but he doesn’t know how he can help him to decrease this unhealthy behavior. Hey, we got the solution, Gabriel!  

Enriching Activities to Stop Your Dog From Scratching

Before doing anything, you need to discover the reason why your dog is so itchy. As we always like to suggest, a little trip to the vet could be the best solution to be sure that your doggo doesn’t have skin problems such as dermatitis (often caused by bad nutrition), hives, or other little issues. Once you’re sure that your four-legged boy is just stressed, well, here we have a few enriching exercises that will surely help him:

  • Treasure hunting: if we loved treasure hunts so bad when we were kids, why our dog shouldn’t enjoy it? Hide some treats or toys all around the house utilizing old boxes and plastic open bottles where you can put kibbles inside. Your dog will love this activity!
  • Sniffari walks: when our little friends are bored, there is nothing better than a walk surrounded by nature. Utilizing their super-developed sense of smell, they will gain incredible benefits from this cozy little adventure.
  • Playing chase: as easy as it sounds! Do you know a dog who doesn’t love running and chasing? Me neither! So let your doggo unleash his excessive energy with some physical exercise.
  • Twist ‘n Treat: this simple but incredible dispensing toy is what your dog needs to spend some time while increasing his mental health. Thanks to its versatility, this toy is the ideal solution for both small and big kibbles. If you would like to buy it, you can find it on Amazon!

Bye Bye Anxiety!

Excessively licking, chewing, or scratching are clear signs that your dog is asking for your attention! Our puppies need to be constantly maintained physically and mentally active to grant them a healthy and happy life, and thanks to these efficient suggestions up there, you will surely see great improvements in your dog’s behavior, just as Gabriel noticed with his little Cooper. Wait, Cooper! Stop chasing me! Well, see you in the next article!

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