Separation Anxiety  – Provide Appropriate Exercises

What can I do if my dog freaks out when I’m not at home? Let’s discover it together!

Source: Photo by Helena Lopes

Causes of Separation Anxiety

Does your little friend get agitated when he sees you preparing to leave the house? Maybe your pup could suffer from separation anxiety! But you don’t have to worry, it’s not a disease, it’s just common behavior, especially if we talk about pups. Separation anxiety describes dogs that are often very connected to their owner, and they’re so attached to them that tend to become exceedingly nervous when separated from him/her. The “symptoms” can vary: destructive chewing, barking, howling and scratching (yeah, especially our door). When treating a dog with this kind of anxiety, the main aim is to teach him how to accept being left alone for a few hours. This 3-month-old boy up there is Mickey, the best friend Olivia may ask for, but leaving him alone, well, that’s not so easy! Whenever she leaves him alone at home he starts to whine, and after a few minutes, bye-bye pillows! How to solve it? We have some enrichment activities that are going to help him!

Our Pups Need Hobbies too

As we already said, separation anxiety is not so rare in pups, while it’s still not fully understood why some of our dogs suffer from our short departures and others don’t. However, there are many canine enrichment exercises that can help your doggo decrease his excessive nervousness.

  • Aromatherapy: it may sound strange, but it works also for our four-legged friends! Essential oils such ass lavender, sweet orange, chamomile, cedarwood and many others, can help to relax our dog till our return home.
  • Special treat: probably you already give treats to your boy, so why not doing it with a special one for the occasion? Give him a treat every time you left the house (something he can chew for a long time would be perfect) and take it back when you get home!
  • Words: they’re powerful “tools”, even with dogs! Teach him a word or a sentence that you will continue to use every time you have to leave the house for a bit. Maybe it won’t work for the first times, but then your dog will understand that each time you pronounce that specific word or sentence, you will be back soon.
  • Puppy Cuddle Toys: those soothing toys can become an amazing ally! Usually, they come with a removable buckwheat-filled pouch that can be microwaved for a few seconds, providing calming sensations. If you would like to buy one of them, try on Amazon!

Keep Your Dog Physically Active

Many dogs start to get nervous when they see we’re about to leave the house, so it would be better to don’t let them understand we’re getting ready! Another suggestion the Geppaw team would like to provide you is to grant the right amount of exercise your little boy needs before any lengthy departure. This is going to reduce excessive amounts of energy, helping your pup to be calmer. Now, Olivia doesn’t feel guilty anymore about leaving her Mickey alone at home for a couple of hours! He’s surely more patient, but, of course, he still prefers spending time with his beloved owner.