Discover if your dog suffers of depression or anxiety

With a quick test in our app you’ll discover more about your dog and then you’ll receive suggestions from professionals on how to take care and educate your pup.


    Help your dog to Prevent, Reduce, and Eliminate unwanted behaviors with Geppaw

    Quick Test

    Going through specific questions you'll receive immeditally some insights about your dog and the connection between the two of you



    Our behaviourist designed an experience that evolves and adapts to each of you showing how to take care and educate your pup.


    Access to professionals

    From your account in Geppaw you'll be able to consult our dog behaviourists if you're feeling that the path designed for you needs an intesification


    Exchange feedbacks

    You'll have the possibiliy to record games sessions and other moments and submit them for a feedback from your consulent in Geppaw


    Do you need more information? No problem! Ask us anything

    A monthly membership will be 9$/month. But if you buy an anual one you’ll receive two months for free, so you’ll pay 99$/year.

    All our behaviourists  professionals are highly qualified to operate and give you advices on how to take care and educate of your pup.

    All of them have studied animal related sciences and all of them have between 7 and 15 years of field experience. 

    Join Geppaw today and give your dog love, care and education as he deserves!