Why My Dog Eats Grass? – Behavioral Enrichment

Have you seen your dog while chewing grass? Don’t worry, this article is for you!

Source: Photo by Pixabay

Reasons for Grass Eating

If you’re reading this article, then your pup is probably acting like a cow. But don’t worry, there is nothing to panic about! This behavior is pretty common in dogs, and there are many reasons why they find grass so interesting. If your pup likes to eat grass, he could have stomach aches or maybe just a poor diet lacking in specific nutrients essential for his health. But there are other reasons, even simpler! Many dogs just love to do it, while others like to chew grass to decrease their anxiety. So, what can you do? Well, first you have to understand why your faithful friend is acting in this way. Cleo, that beautiful girl up there, seems to really enjoy eating grass. That’s why Susanne, her owner, decided to have a little trip to the vet. The prognosis? Cleo is just a little stressed, but, hey, we’re here for that! Let’s discover together some physical and mental exercise to stimulate your four-legged friend!

How to Proper Stimulate Your Doggo

Sometimes, dogs may try to get their owners’ attention by doing “bad” actions like, for example, eating grass. However, whether it’s for anxiety, boredom, or just seeking attention, this behavior should be stopped, especially because there are better snacks compared to grass. Here there are some mental and psychical activities that will help you spend more time with your best friend while decreasing his anxiety:

  • Scent work: if your dog loves so much sniffing your yard, then he would probably also like this enriching activity! Pick old cartoon boxes, open them, and add some kibbles only in one box. It’s up to your furry to friend to find the right one with the “hidden treasure”.
  • It’s digging time: yep, why not provide some physical exercise to decrease stress while spending some time? If you have a garden, even a small one, you should consider buying or creating a digging area for your little girl/boy.
  • Playdate: like humans, even our dogs love to enjoy a cozy afternoon with their best pals! So, why not organize a play date? Be sure that your four-legged friend really likes the other dog, especially if you decide to invite him into your pup’s comfort zone.
  • Belly rub: scientifically proven that belly rubbing is perfect to calm down an overexcited or stressed dog (actually not just him, it works well even for us…).

Eating Grass – No More a Problem!

The consumption of grass, as we said, could be just a sign that your dog has stomach issues, but if that’s not the case, then these enriching activities up there will be surely helpful! Remember to keep your dog always physically and mentally well-engaged to help him live a better life, not just for grass-eating. Thanks to these simple “exercises”, Cleo has finally stopped chewing grass like a goat when grazing, but now seems that she is addicted to belly rubs (we’re sorry Susanne)!

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