How to Stop a Dog From Jumping – Enriching Exercises

If your pup loves to jump up on people, you should read this article!

Source: Photo by Ivan Babydov

Teach Your Dog Not to Jump

Jumping up on people is a common behavior among dogs, especially if they’re usually over-excited (often due to boredom). In the majority of cases, they do that because they’re seeking our attention, but not all our guests will consider this attitude as friendly as it is for our pups. When small dogs jump up on someone that’s not a big issue but talking about large size dogs, it may become “dangerous” and considered intimidating. Jumping up is a natural greeting behavior for our four-legged friends, but it surely needs to be trained to avoid unwanted situations in the future. Milly, that beautiful furry pup up there, loves getting hugs from Emma, well… not just from Emma. We can definitely say that Milly wants to say hi to every human she meets, but Emma is afraid that this behavior could become a problem, especially when it comes to jumping up on children. So, how to solve this uncomfortable situation? We of the Geppaw team are here for that!

Enriching Exercises For Your Best Friend

First, if you want to stop your furry best friend from jumping, you should start ignoring him when he does that to gain your attention. On the other hand, you should reward him when he remains calm and seated. However, each dog is different, and some of them will maintain this behavior even if ignored. That’s why we prepared some enriching activities that will surely help you:

  • Teach the “sit” command: there are many videos on YouTube that will help you learn how to teach your dog to sit down. It may be a little tough at the beginning, but with patience and determination, you can do it!
  • Off-leash dog parks: our furry friends need to run to stay as healthy as possible, and dog parks represent a great opportunity to let them breathe some fresh air while enjoying freedom. Excessive energy could be the reason for jumping behavior, that’s why you shouldn’t waste this opportunity to let your pup release some of it!
  • Dog audiobook: well, it may sound strange, but we can assure you that it works! Audiobooks can keep your dog relaxed while providing him mental stimulation. If your four-legged boy is usually over-excited, this simple activity can help him.
  • Play hide and seek: we’ve already suggested playing this game by hiding some treats all around the house, but why not play the original one? Hide behind furniture, call your dog, and let him find you. This activity will help you increase the bond with your furry friend while providing him with physical and psychological training indoors.

No More “Flying” Dogs

Is it because they think they’re birds? Of course not, it’s just nature! When our little puppies jump, it may also be considered cute, but when they grow up, this bad habit can become dangerous. That’s why you need to redirect their behavior with enriching exercises specifically designed for them! Proper training is essential for any dog breed, and thanks to these simple but efficient activities up there, you will see the difference. With all the exercises Emma has been proposing to Milly, her “little” girl understood that can say hi by just wagging her tail, but talking about hugs, well, she is still hungry for these!

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