Overprotective Dogs – Social Enrichment Activities

Excessive protectiveness could become dangerous. Discover how to socialize your pup with us.

Source: Photo by Samson Katt

Is Your Dog too Protective?

Does your pup start growling when somebody interacts with you, for example, giving you a hug? Does he begin barking if someone speaks loudly with you, maybe just because you’re joking? If the answer is yes, then your dog is surely overprotective! Dogs have always been considered the most loyal companion a human being could ask for, and the bond that binds us to them is something unbelievable. Our four-legged friends can become overprotective for many numbers of reasons, but whatever it is, you need to treat this situation before it could get out of your control. Luckily, there are many social enrichment activities that can help you handle your faithful friend’s overprotectiveness before it turns into aggressive behavior. Dominique knows well that her big boy up there, Patrick, is becoming too protective, and she fears that he could feel compelled to bite someone, just to “defend” her lovely owner. Fear not, Dominique, we’re here to help you!

Social Enrichment Opportunities

All dogs need to be socialized from the very beginning. Getting negative socialization as a puppy can have a huge impact on how our dog feels and reacts when his comfort zone is altered. As you already know, you represent the entire world for your doggo, and he would do everything to protect you, no matter what. For this reason, it’s up to you to change his overprotective behavior. Here there are some social activities that can for sure help you in this task!

  • Visit a well-liked family member: you’re surely your pup’s favorite human being, but maybe there are other family members that he likes. Then, don’t waste this opportunity! Let your dog interact with other people he likes could be really helpful!
  • Doga or Meditation: that’s just a cute word that combines “dog” with “yoga”. Yeah, you heard right! Yoga is one of the best things you can do to improve your physical and mental health, and it can also bring many benefits to your dog. There are a lot of easy and relaxing Doga Meditation on our App that can help you to learn how to do it!
  • Teach simple commands: it’s really important to tell your faithful friend to stop and sit every time you interact with another person. Once he does, you should insert yourself between him and the other subjects to let him know there is nothing to fear.
  • Read to your dog: reading is important not just for children, but also for dogs! Many studies show that reading to your pups will reduce their stress while keeping them mentally engaged.

With Dedication Everything is Possible

Whether it happens unintentionally or subconsciously, a lot of dogs are rewarded for their overprotective behavior. Unfortunately, there are many owners that feel special when their furry friends protect them, maybe thinking that this is a consequence of their unique bond. Your dog surely loves you, but overprotective actions are something that has to be treated with caution. As we described up there, there are a wide variety of activities that can help your doggo be more sociable, and many others can be daily found on our app, Geppaw! Visiting friends and relatives that Patrick likes and doing some morning yoga, helped him a lot while reducing his anxious behavior. Moreover, every night Dominique reads aloud her favorite books to his faithful boy, but, talking about teaching him simple commands, well, there is still a way to go!