Social Enrichment  – Your Dog Needs to Make Friends

Is your puppy aggressive? Enhance his/her social skills with us

Source: Photo by Nishizuka

Not All Dog Breeds Are Easy to Train

Watching that big-eyed and fluffy chihuahua in the pic can be difficult to consider him aggressive. However, there are many dog breeds that are often labeled “offensive” because of their behavior, such as American Pit Bull, Chow Chow, Doberman pinschers, Rottweilers, Husky, German shepherd, and also our little friend up there. Simon, a member of our community, adopted his faithful chihuahua Taco two years ago but growing him was not easy at all at the beginning. Some chihuahuas are effortless to train but there are also some of them that may require a bit more struggle. Taco is for sure one of those: he usually barks a lot, acts suspiciously or aggressively toward people and other dogs, and tends to be very anxious. So, how did Simon deal with that situation? Dog Social Enrichment, of course!

Social Activities to Grow a Friendly Dog

Mental stimulation and Social Enrichment are some of your dog’s primary needs. Animals are very similar to humans: for sure we have someone that represents for us the center of our universe (such as you are for your puppy), but there are also other people (or other dogs, talking about Taco) we would like to hang out with! Here there are a few social activities that are going to enhance your beloved friend behavior:

  • Playdates: such as humans, dogs need friends! Set up a date to let your puppy meets other dogs that you know are friendly and healthy. Hang out with them may contribute to improve your dog mental status.
  • Interact with other people or other species: for sure it’s important to let your lovely dog play with his fellow beings, but it’s also essential to allow him to interact with other humans and possibly also other species such as cats! Keep in mind that some dogs may not be as comfortable as you imagine around new people or other animals. For this reason, it’s up to you understand and determine your dog’s preferred social activities and interactions.

All Our Little Best Friends Can Improve Their Behave

Thanks to the activities we already talked about and to the many others that can be daily found in our user-friendly app, Geppaw, Simon can’t ask for a better little best friend. Now his Taco seems to be more sociable, mild and inclined to let other people interact with him. Nonetheless, it’s important to remember that social skills need a lot of practice and may be difficult to improve if you got an “adult” dog, but not impossible, especially with our simple suggestions! Some dogs are more predisposed to social activities while others have never had great social skills. Dog enrichment may be a challenge, but with the right advice and with the love your furry friend deserves he (or she) is going to switch behave like Taco already did!